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Interbanc transfers


Transfer to banks

Less than ₦10,000


Between ₦10,001 and ₦50,000


Above ₦50,000


Pay with wallet


Connect Bank Account

up to ₦52.50

Card Processing Fee

1.4% capped at ₦2,000


1% capped at ₦1,500

Bills Commission

save up to 5%

** We are constantly working on bringing down fees.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some common questions.

Is Interbanc secure?

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Yes, Interbanc is secure. We work with our partners to keep your financial and account information secure by adhering to the highest security standards.

How do I sign up for Interbanc?

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Download the Interbanc app from the Apple app store or Google play store to signup.

Do I need BVN when creating my account?

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No. But your account will be limited. You will need to provide your BVN to remove this limit so we can verify you. Verification builds trust and also helps us with fraud detection. This also allows us to comply with financial regulations.

How do I link my bank accounts?

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Once you have signed up, simply click the connect bank account button and then complete the process.

Can I send money from my Bank accounts using Interbanc?

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Yes! You can fund your Interbanc wallet from your Bank app. We provide you with a unique bank account number to do so.

How do I create an Interbanc wallet?

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Your Interbanc account comes with a wallet. You don't have to create one.

How can I fund my wallet?

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You can fund your wallet using the USSD code that comes with your account. You can also fund your wallet by bank transfer, card payment and payment link.

Is my money safe with Interbanc?

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Absolutely. We work with our partners to ensure your money is safe.

Can I send money from my Interbanc wallet?

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Yes! You can withdraw money from your Interbanc wallet to your bank account.

How much does it cost to fund my wallet?

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Please check the fees page here for more information

Can my Interbanc wallet receive money from a bank account or another Interbanc wallet?

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Yes. You can receive funds into your Interbanc wallet from another Bank. You can also receive money from another Interbanc user.